History of Inventions – Our DIY Foldable Timeline


I am a sucker for timelines. Huge ones that take up an entire wall or two. Except we don’t have a wall on which to put something epic like that. Not at a child’s eye level anyway. But we do have a ton of manila folders left over from I don’t remember what. And we have clear packing tape. So our timeline is a super-duper portable foldable creation that, I hope, one day will stretch for a few miles yards.


I’ll be honest here – the kiddo wasn’t thrilled about the timeline. But I told him that it’s more of a “Mom wants this thing for herself” project and his role is that of an adviser. He’s to help me choose the best pictures to include into the timeline and, maybe, if he feels like it, to help cut, glue and color some of them.


We get the timeline out about once each week. Each time we review what we’ve got so far. Then we add new inventions to it. The last couple of times I’ve noticed my son taking a much more active role in the process. He colors in the mostly black-and-white images (hey, color ink cartridges are expensive), draws his own pictures (as in the awesome “grandma in the garden tending tomatoes” that’s representing invention of agriculture), and now even writing down the notes.


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