Math Scavenger Hunt – Circles and Spheres

After 12 days of non-stop rain we woke up last week wondering what was this bright yellow light in the sky. Oh yeah, the Sun! Hooray, finally the sun and warmth have returned! Let’s go on a math hunt!


Actually, we didn’t set out to go on a math hunt at all. It just happened. We had a couple of hours to spare, the weather was beautiful and we decided to stop by an arboretum (it’s a very short drive from us). As we got out of a car we saw this fantastic (yet painfully prickly) yucca plant. And that’s how the idea was born – to look for more circles and spheres, natural and man-made, while walking around the arboretum.


We found lots of man-made circles and spheres. Some where solid shapes.


Others weren’t.


Some were made up of concentric circles.


Others were tiled with quadrilaterals.


Some were easier to see (can you see all 3 circles here?)


And some were harder (had to mentally slice the objects to “see” their cross-sections).


Many appeared in groups…


… and a few of those made us smile.


Some appeared almost perfectly circular or spherical.


Others were decidedly less so.


A few weren’t even circles at all, but we thought up some ideas on how to make them more so.


Some had beautiful surprises hidden in them.


Others had an understated beauty that usually went unnoticeable if we saw them elsewhere.


And some were only possible on a sunny day like this.


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