Knights’ Hanukkah

Here’s how it happened: With Hanukkah just around the corner, I suggested to the Rocket Boy that he would create his own Hanukkah-themed adventure story (since this is one of his favorite holidays). I reminded him that in many Hanukkah-themed stories, there’s a group of people going through some tough times; a hero who saves the day using his/her smarts and courage; it takes 8 days or 8 tries for the hero to succeed; and a story has some lighting of candles or kindling a fire.

Without further ado, I present you The Knights’ Hanukkah by Rocket Boy:

DSC01186The knights were hanging out in their castle when the lookout yelled “Pirates!”

DSC01185The knights’ leader yelled “Man your stations!”

DSC01187But in the end the knights were forced out of their castle.

DSC01190They grabbed the torches, the flag and the carriage with the dragon and went off in hopes of finding a new base.

DSC01203The knights saw a little island with a harpoon cannon resting on a wooden plank at the top of the cliff. So they did what they could to make it a good base. But then everyone got hungry. They only had raw meat and nobody knew how to get fire started.

DSC01205But then one of the smart ones pointed out that they brought the torches. So the knights gathered up some wood and found out that all the torches could only light one fire that would last just one day. And then knights didn’t know how long they would have to stay at their makeshift base.

DSC01207On the next day the knights saw that the fire they started was still burning bright. Same happened the next day. And the next. Until 8 days have passed. The fire was still burning nice, warm and bright.

DSC01213Even better, the knights found out, looking through a pair of binoculars, that the pirates all fell down through the trap door in the old castle.

DSC01215But then the knights realized that their dragon wasn’t getting enough food for the last eight days. So they quickly found a chicken, killed it and cooked it on the eighth day. They brought the meat to the dragon. The dragon ate and ate.

DSC01193Then the knights headed back to their castle.

DSC01221Once back, they found that the torches at the castle went out. The knights then lit a torch from the fire of their makeshift base and re-lit all the torches.

DSC01226And relaxed.



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