Market Day


Another Tuesday, another Homeschool Explorers meeting. This one’s description was

A day of trading and swapping. Each family can set up a table of items to trade and/or sell. Homemade items are fantastic – think candle holders, craft kits, ornaments, magnets, jewelry, hair accessories, greeting cards, edible treats. Also used books, games, toys. All items should be priced at $1 and under.

Rocket Boy started with some ambitious plans – to make some Minecraft-themed toys out of Perler Beads. He tried making some characters and also swords. But Perlers can be tricky when it comes to ironing. And I wasn’t there to help him out. So most of what he so painstakingly put together didn’t turn out well.

DSC01271So the night before the Market Day he hatched another plan – to sell some of his Pokemon cards. He’s got a few hundred of them for sure. He went through his stash and selected 20 or so cards, setting the price at $0.50 each.

DSC01274The outcome was – we had so much fun! We went around to check other tables. Before coming I was pretty sure there wouldn’t be anything interesting there for me, the grown-up. So I brought just a couple of dollars with me.

DSC01277Well, next year I will know better! There were some fantastic things, perfect stocking stuffers for sure! I could’ve bought enough for all the family and friends plus some hostess gifts for about $10.

DSC01276But back to Rocket Boy’s Pokemon cards. He sold out of them in an hour! This impressed several of the boys so much that they resolved to go into Pokemon card-selling business next year.

DSC01278He then took about half the money he made and spent it on a few little toys, a couple of gifts for Grandma, Dad and myself, and some sweets.

DSC01281And on playing Minecraft (research expense since he said next time he will definitely sell everything Minecraft-themed).

DSC01270As for myself, I’m going to bring more money for sure!

DSC01273And perhaps I will do the same as a fellow HS mom and the coop member who’s been coming to the Market Day for a few years. She told me that each year they buy new ornaments for their Christmas tree at the Market Day.



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