Back to the Tinkering School

DSC01327Rocket Boy has a  very long holiday wish list. Four pages long. Ok, he writes in very large letters. But still it’s a very long list. And it’s all about toys.

DSC01314If you’ve been to my house, you know that we have lots and lots of toys. Sometimes Most of the time his playroom looks like a toy factory exploded, then a toy monster ate the scattered toys and threw them up all over the place. And he’s really-really-really bad about giving away or even selling toys that he no longer plays with. You get the picture, right?

DSC01324So I’d like to get as few new toys this holiday season as possible. Instead, we agreed to make it, at least partially, about experiences. And one of those experience gifts was a day at the Tinkering School.

DSC01309And you know, it was absolutely lovely! A one-day mini-camp is a bit shorter than a regular camp day, from 9am to 3pm. We showed up a bit earlier than 3pm as the kids were riding around in an awesome go-kart (a project from one of the week-long camps).

DSC01310Turns out, they’ve accomplished so much in just a few hours. Of course, they got to feed and pet the animals and run around. But they also made Christmas ornaments. Which meant they cut rounds out of cedar logs, sanded them, then painted the designs.

DSC01317And while the paint was drying, they decided to build a bridge across the creek in the fabulous Froggy Land. Yep, from scratch. I walked on the bridge later that day – it was very sturdy!

DSC01320As usual, at the end of the day of tinkering, running around and playing, Rocket Boy was dirty, tired, and very-very happy. And the first thing he asked for was “to go back to the Tinkering School”.



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