Re-discovering Ералаш! It’s a Russian language TV show made up of shot skits, usually with a funny punch line (that also makes you think). It is a show about kids (usually elementary-school age) and the adults around them. That’s the best I can describe it. I watched it when I was Rocket Boy’s age. And now, as we are watching some of those old episodes, they are still funny and relevant. But new episodes are available as well.

Rocket Boy loves this show. Loves it so much, that he is willing to read the episode titles (in Russian). He’s also developing a very interesting view of a Russian school as a place where kids enjoy freedom and opportunity to play lots of pranks on their teachers and raise all sorts of funny mayhem during, between and after classes. Trying to counter-balance this with stories from my childhood. Doesn’t seem to help.

And then in the evenings (and sometimes during the day) I read him the Russian-language translation of The Diary of Hurricane Johnny by Vamba (Дневник Джанни Урагани). It is hilarious and we have a good time going through it – me reading, Rocket Boy running around the room, jumping with excitement and laughing himself silly listening to Johnny’s (mis)adventures.


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