Chickens, chickens everywhere

DSC02420After something like 5 years of planning and 2 years of building the coup, we finally got chickens! They were born on March 21st and we picked them up on March 25. So right now they are just about 3 weeks old. Really? Something must be wrong with my math… or my calendar. Then again, baby chicks do grow terribly fast. We picked them up and they were these tiny fluff balls, super cute and cuddly. And now they have these huge legs, most of their fuzz is gone replaced with ruffled up feathers…


Rocket Boy was in charge of naming them. The first one, the fluffiest, yellow-est chick got named Pikachu. I was afraid the other 9 would also be named after pokemons. Surprise-surprise, he named the next one Moonlight because it was “dark like the night, but also had some white on her, so it looked like moonlight when she moved”. And the next birdie was named Curiosity because “she’s so curious about everything”.

DSC02423It took him about a week to name them all. So now we have, in addition to the already mentioned three, Digglet and Pigglet twins, Sister Screechfeather, Pingu, Alexa (after Amazon Echo thing that Rocket Boy dreams about), ArkyArk (at my brother’s request), and Misty.

DSC02431Rocket Boy checks on them every day, helps me to change their water and pets them ever so gently. He’s also trying to imitate their chirps so that he “would help to calm them down when they are scared”.

DSC02461Still too cold to take them outside even for just a few minutes… And they are growing fast. Hope the weather turns soon, so we can take them into the yard. In the mean time, we’re already enjoying fresh-from-the-hen eggs thanks to our wonderful neighbor and her already-grown-up chickens.


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