Russian Reading – Check!

P1000705I’m so excited! Rocket Boy can now read in Russian as well as in English. Russian reading has been something we picked up on and off since he was 3 years old. And then we would promptly drop it for one reason or another. He was not ready. He was learning English reading and kept confusing the letters-sounds. He didn’t want to. I had no time or energy.

P1000706Then about three months ago I found another Russian-speaking homeschooling family who were interested in regular playdates with a bit of Russian reading mixed in. Plus we started practicing reading every day as part of our homeschool.

P1000707And now, just a few months later, he reads! He reads the titles of the books. And he reads very short stories from children’s books. And he solves crossword puzzles and word search puzzles and coding-decoding challenges, etc that I find for him here, here, here and here. So very proud of him!


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